What is Islamic Society of Eggonland?
Islamic Society of Eggonland is an ‘Islamic charitable organisation registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its Vision is to lead and unite Muslims of different sects in Eggon community in Nigeria and abroad to promote and propagate Islam according to the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Its Mission is to mobilize human, capital and material resources to serve God and humanity.

How is Islamic Society of Eggonland abbreviated?
It is abbreviated ISE. The I = Islamic, S=Society, and E=Eggonland

Where is Eggonland?
Eggonland is a community of Eggon speaking people living in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Eggon is the populous speaking language in Nasarawa State. The principal religions in Eggonland are Islam, Christianity, and Paganism.

Is Islamic Society of Eggonland a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)?
Yes!  It is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes Islamic and charitable causes.

How can I apply for Islamic Society of Eggonland membership?
For now, the membership is restricted to trustees, however it will be open to the public soon! Keep checking the website for updates.

How is Islamic Society of Eggonland funded?
We rallied on donation from Trustees and from individuals with known income who hail from legitimate and recognised Islamic organisations only. Donations are accepted at ISE’s discretion to protect ISE and to avoid tainting its reputation by aligning with individuals and organisations that do not share our values.

Are Islamic Society of Eggonland programmes open to all Muslims?
Yes! The only restriction may be on occasions where a limited number of people are required.

Is Islamic Society of Eggonland scholarship meant for everyone?
ISE’ academic bursary scheme is for less-privileged and gifted Muslim students from Eggonland. It is annually awarded to a limited number of beneficiaries.

Does ISE accept Zakat?
ISE accept Zakat which aims to support Islamic projects or charities.

Can non-Muslim in distress be assisted by ISE?
ISE’s charity is meant for everyone, therefore non-Muslim could benefit from our charity where we have the means to provide support.

Is Islamic Society of Eggonland independent of politics?
ISE is not associated with any political group or party and would not canvass for any candidate or party.

How can I contact Islamic Society of Eggonland?
Any queries or feedback on Islamic Society of Eggonland can be directed to: