Our Vision

To lead and unite Muslims of different sects in Eggon community in Nigeria and abroad to promote and propagate Islam according to the teachings of the Quran and Hadith.

Our Mission

To mobilize human, capital and material resources to serve God and humanity.

Our Objectives

ISE as a legal entity shall pursue its objectives which include:

  1. To create a forum for preaching peacef­ul coexistence in and outside Eggon.
  2. To support community development act­ivities like building mosques, hospitals and school­s in any part of Eggonland and Nigeria at large.
  3. To establish a foundation in education, an­d award scholarships to intelligent and ­less privileged students.
  4. To engage in the distribution of the Islamic message in the Eggon Language through various channels of communication to Eggon people.
  5. To engage in translation and transliteration of the Holy Quran and other Islamic scriptures into the Eggon Language.
  6. To promote harmonious relationships b­etween Muslims and Non-Muslims in Eggonland.
  7. To campaign against a false narrative ­of Islam presented bythose in th­e body of Islam and others.
  8. To encourage Muslim Ummah to engage in ­constructive intellectual discourse on blasphemy inst­ead of resulting to violent confrontation.
  9. To encourage Eggon Muslim elites tow­ards intellectual and economic contribut­ion to Islamic development in Eggonland.
  10. To establish an Islamic research center for the Da’wah project.


Activities & Focus

  1. Dialogue: We shall continue to engage different communities through dialogue. We believe dialogue provides a framework against internal and external manipulation and serves as a means of gaining understanding and reconciliation among Muslims.
  2. Whilst bridging the widening relationship and understanding among Muslims in Eggonland, ISE will introduce a robust and inclusive approach to Da’wah activities featuring a variety of scholars.
  3. To encourage effective and functional Islamic research, ISE shall create an online library for study and research. We shall source books from different areas across the globe covering diverse Islamic fields of learning. ISE will also build a conventional library in Nassarawa Eggon for study and research for students and scholars of Islamic knowledge.
  4. We shall seek donations from individ­uals with known income and hailing from legitima­te and recognized Islamic organizations only. The donation will be accepted at ISE’s discretion.This is to protec­t ISE and avoid tainting the reputation by aligning with individuals and organizations that do notshare ISE’s values or objectives.